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Solutions for achieving maximum

individual and organizational performance.



“Performance Excellence   assessments are one of the best tools available to help understand communication styles and to give workers the advantage in today’s fast paced environments.  I personally use the tool to assist work teams in understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses and how our differences are to be capitalized on...a key to effective communication is to know where to start.  Performance Excellence   assessments give you that starting point." 


-Debi Ritter, HR Director at UHY Advisors Michigan

“We have often hired someone on 'gut' instinct and elected to ignore the testing data because of a personal referral, experience level or out of desperation.  Unfortunately e have found this to not work most of the time." 


-Marion Strickland, VP of Operations at HTE Technologies

"Over the last decade Pat Grace has consulted with nearly every member of our staff to help our organization find ways to matter more to our customers, to plan strategically, and to better communicate internally. I've come to value not only her skills, but also her approach to solutions, which is always positive, yet realistic. There isn't a single business area or process that I would not value Pat's input to; she's just that good! This is why she will always be a business hero to me."


-Michael Martin, Former Publisher at NAED

Every company wants assurance they are using a consultant who provides accurate, high quality solutions.  We strive to provide organizations with this level of service, but don’t just take our word for it.  Listen to what others are saying about us:

“We have been using Performance Excellence  assessments consistently for the past several years as an integral part of the hiring process.  They give us vital insights into the makeup of the person, which is critical when you operate a business that revolves around client interaction and satisfaction.”   


-Dave Birk, Executive VP at Holland Construction Services







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