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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Recent upgrades by Firefox and Internet Explorer have created some incompatibilities with our assessment system, which we are currently working to patch.  These issues should be resolved within 6 weeks.  For the time being, in order to complete this assessment without being interrupted, you must complete this test using only one the following browsers: Internet Explorer versions 7-9, or Firefox versions 3-8. 

To check the version of your current browser, simply follow these steps:


    In either Firefox of Internet Explorer:

       1. Open your Internet browser

       2. Simultaneously hold down the “Alt” and “H” buttons - Choose “About //browser name//”


    Firefox Users:

       1. Open your Firefox browser

       2. Under the Help Menu - Choose “About Firefox”


    Internet Explorer Users:

       1. Open your Internet Explorer browser

       2. Under the Tools Menu - Choose “About Internet Explorer”









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To download a free version of Firefox 8, simply follow these steps:


    Download the Firefox 8 installer by going to: Setup 8.0.1.exe


and clicking Save File when prompted.  The Firefox 8 installer will be saved on your hard drive under My Documents in the Downloads folder with the name Firefox Setup 8.0.exe.


       1. Run the installer by double-clicking it. Be sure to close any open Firefox browser windows prior to running

           the installer.

       2. Click Finish to complete the installation.

       3. When the re-installed Firefox browser opens, go to Tools | Options.

       4. Click Advanced to go to the Advanced panel.

       5. Within the Advanced panel, click the Update tab.

       6. Within the Update tab, under “When updates to Firefox are found:” click the option to “Ask me what I

           want to do.” When future Firefox updates become available, you will be prompted to update, but the update

            will not be run automatically.  You will have the opportunity to postpone the update until later.

        7. Click OK to save your settings.

If you continue to have problems after completing the processes above,

please contact us at the phone number or email address listed below.