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Teamwork is more than just delegating tasks and following through with commitments.  Each team is comprised of multiple individuals, and problems arise when these individuals don’t see eye to eye and begin to function out of their individuality rather than as a team. So how do you resolve these conflicts?  Here are some practical starting points:

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of each team member.

Identify how each individual’s behavioral style, values, and potential will work with other team


Hold team meetings that proactively address potential areas of conflict and create a game plan

   on how the team will respond when these situations arise.

Identify the gaps within the team and adapt accordingly

Personal biases always creep into the evaluation process, so it is best practice to implement an objective form of assessment.  Additionally, objective reports can be used as a practical and straightforward tool to teach your team about the motivating factors and communication styles of their fellow team members.  Click HERE to view available assessments and sample reports.

Having difficulty acquiring “synergy” with your teams?  Not sure where to start in your attempt to develop effective and successful teams?  We have several solutions available that can propel your team far beyond the status quo and make a lasting difference in your organization.

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