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With Managing Performance Priorities, managers and their team can become more effective in working toward the common goal and staying on the right path.  Through this process, personal accountability is held by everyone involved and time wasted on the wrong tasks is significantly

Achieve Long-Term Benefits With Good Performance Management

reduced and no longer causes frustration and loss of productivity. Managing Performance Priorities is an excellent tool for businesses that seek clear and consistent communication and, ultimately, maximum efficiency.

Managing Performance Priorities is an internet based system that provides organizations with a communication venue in which employees and management can work toward a common goal and monitor their progress.  With MPP individuals and teams can increase their productivity and accountability, align their priorities, and reach superior performance.  It is ideal for a variety of situations, including offsite or worldwide business environments.  This form of communication does not require any software installation.

Regular and concrete feedback from the manager benefit the employee’s task management and

   teamwork skills.

The system supports communication while also providing information to aid performance evaluations.

Reports are created by date range to show approved, denied, pending, complete, or incomplete tasks.

Reports can be used to help distinguish trends in performance or identify the cause for struggle.

An unlimited number of participants allows for multi-tier management and coaching. 







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