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What Is Emotional Intelligence?

The Two Dimensions of EQ


The ability to understand and form an accurate concept of yourself, and to use that concept to operate effectively in life.



The ability to understand and relate effectively to other people, to understand what motivates them, how they work, and how to work cooperatively with them.


Why EQ Should Be Developed In the Workplace

Every day we are bombarded with emotions - love, joy, sadness, envy, hate, fear, anger, etc. Various events occurring both in and out of the workplace can trigger these emotions, and often cloud our thought processes, behaviors, and ultimately our decision making capability. Without the ability to exercise proper self-awareness and self-regulation, these emotions can negatively impact behavior in the workplace, and ultimately lead to poor social skills and work performance.

Watch Our EQ Lunch 'n Learn Video

To learn more about Emotional Quotient and its impact on an Organization, watch our informational "unEQuivocal Performers" video by clicking on the links below:

Implementing EQ Into Your Organization

Performance Excellence’s Emotional Quotient (EQ) Assessment measures an individual’s level of self-awareness, self-regulation, intrinsic motivation, empathetic ability, and social skills.  You can use the EQ Assessment as a first step to building strong self-awareness.  Click on the following link to review a sample EQ Assessment :

To target specific areas for development, Performance Excellence provides workshops and seminars addressing the 2 EQ dimensions and their corresponding subsets.  To read more about how we can help your employees and/or teams improve their EQ, click on the following link to download our informational flyer :

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, and use the power of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. Unlike IQ (Intelligence Quotient), an individual’s Emotional Intelligence can be developed and improved upon with intentional learning and practice.







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