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Dynamic Communication Seminar

Seminar Objectives


   • Debrief DISC assessment results


   • Increase awareness of behavioral  

      and communication styles of self

      and others


   • Learn how employees are positively

     and negatively adapting to meet the

      needs of their work environment


   • Understand how different

      behavioral styles contribute to and

      affect the Organization as a whole


   • Identify positive and negative

     workplace relationships and learn

     to adapt one’s behaviors in order to

     increase effective communication


Through the use of the DISC behavioral assessment, Dynamic Communication workbooks, fun group activities and practical applications, your employees will gain a true appreciation for themselves and others so that they can learn to communicate more effectively in all areas of their life. 

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The communication and behavioral styles of each person within your organization are unique. While this can be a great strength to leverage, it can also pose challenges when trying to foster an environment with effective communication and strong team cohesion. Our Dynamic Communication seminar incorporates the DISC assessment, which helps provide objective clarity regarding the strengths and possible limitations each individual brings to the Organization.







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