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Career Life Discovery Seminar

Finding the right career can be a challenge, especially with all of the career options that are available.  Choosing a vocation that best fits your behavioral style, motivators/ values, and interests is ideal.  But without self-awareness in these areas, where do you start?

Career assessments are a quick, easy, fun and cost-effective way to gain the self-awareness you need to make a wise career decision.

If you need clarity in the process of finding your vocation, sign up for our Career Life Discovery package.  For just $400 you will receive 3 career assessments, 4.5 hours of group debriefing and additional career tools and resources for exploration. For a cost that is equal to or less than 1 college class at a junior college you can gain the tools necessary to make a wise career choice - saving you both time and money!







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Career Life Discovery Schedule


Session One:


Strong Interest Inventory Debriefing

O*Net Career Research


Session Two:

DISC Debriefing

O*Net Career Research


Session Three: 

Values/Motivators Debriefing

O*Net Career Research

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