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Behavioral Interviewing

Click on the Behavioral Interviewing button to the left to download this article.  This document contains behavioral interviewing questions that address an individual’s behavioral style, values and motivators, and “soft skills”.  It can be used in conjunction with the DISC, Personal Motivation & Engagement Version (formerly known as the PIAV/Values), Workplace Motivators, Personal Talent & Skills Inventory, and TriMetrix assessments.

 "If I Knew

PMEV Assessment Resource: "If I Knew Then"

Click on the "If I Knew Then" button to the left to download this E-Book written by Bill Bonnstetter, founder of Target Training International, Ltd. This resource provides helpful information about the theories behind the Personal Motivation & Engagement Version Assessment (formerly known as the PIAV/Values assessment).  Because this E-Book is a large file, it may take awhile to fully download.

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