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Performance Excellence works with and supports various companies to help deliver the best products and services possible.  Click on a company logo listed below to be automatically directed to that Affiliate's website.

RPM Business Advisors, LLC

RPM Business Advisors, LLC is an employee performance management company that specializes in sales force & management development. Mr. Simms, Founder and Managing partner of RPM, received a Bachelor of Science in Management Science from Kean University in Union, New Jersey, with an emphasis in Business Management and graduated Summa Cum Laude.  His credentials include being recognized as a leader in employee selection, sales force and management development.  He has been referred to as the “consultants’ consultant as he works with several professional services firms.  As a Certified Professional Behaviors and Values Analyst he uniquely applies the science of performance to real-time sales development and sales management solutions. 

Sales Force One

Sales Fore One is a consulting company that exists to drive sales increases for their clients.  They work with Chief Executives, Sales Managers, and Sales Teams to help build momentum and create lift in their sales organizations by focusing in three areas that have tremndous impact on sales performance: leadership, talent, and new business.

UHY Advisors, Inc.

Performance Excellence used to be a division of UHY Advisors, Inc., but has since become and independent entity.  Performance Excellence continues to work with UHY Advisors in the "people areas" of their clients' businesses. 


UHY Advisors delivers professional financial, tax, and business consulting services to mid-sized and larger companies they refer to as the dynamic middle market.  Their professionals are constantly evaluating opportunities to propel incremental growth, avoid financial pitfalls, and reduce costs.  UHY Advisors has offices across the U.S. that are organized around client-centric specialties to better provide direct access to industry and service expertise. UHY Advisors also offers a wealth of global consulting and tax proficiency to clients with multi-national needs.  As an independent U.S. member of UHY International, they have access to more than 200 member offices around the world.







Performance Excellence is a registered service mark owned by C&W Business Services, Inc.

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